The Bitch Album

by Louis Strongarm

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released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


DIY Santa Rosa, California

DIY is a hip-hop group from Santa Rosa, California. Louis Strongarm, Above Average, and Be Smooth combined forces to write, produce, and promote with each other, creating DIY. Yes, they do in fact do it themselves.

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Track Name: Louis Strongarm - You's a Bitch feat. DIY
[Verse 1: Louis Strongarm]

Stop waitin on me you need to go on n get it
Bout ta call it quits on this first verse business
You gotta problem with beginning
Can't get it up dont start can't finish
Youre goose is cooked i race in the kitchen
Irates salt to taste n quit bitchin
First place no need for lane switching
Forget golden state man I'm winnin'
Fall in line behind first loser
In back of that beggars can't be choosers
Strongarm bruiser no clit all cock
Flint locked dropped off wig split rinsed off
Independent eye on mine so i never get it
Fucked from behind dog it can come at any minute
If you ain't quick vigilant and ready to defend it
Theyll leave you stripped hung out to dry drippin'

[Hook 1: B-Smooth, Louis Strongam, Above Average]
If you're pulling me over for no reason at all, pig, yous a bitch
You'll give me head but you won't lick my balls, girl, yous a bitch
You say you like my raps but never go to a show, punk, yous a bitch
You play hard to get but i know you're a ho, slut, yous a bitch

[Verse 2: B-Smooth]

[Hook 2: Above Average, B-Smooth, Louis Strongarm]
You say you're the best rapper in the world, nah, yous a bitch
Heard you're having a baby so you're leaving your girl, man, yous a bitch
Talkin' 'bout look at me im the shit, nah, yous a bitch
Thinking every single honey dips on your dick, trick, yous a bitch

[Verse 3: Above Average]
Strongarm kicked it off
And ya’ll dropped ya jaws
All the bitches known that we’re hotter than a molotov
See our flow is squeeky and clean, your meter kinda not
We’re sweeter than krispy kremes, ya’ll too focused on the guap

Listen, you made one jam like what? 20 years ago?
And now you lip synchin shit stinkin up here we go
There’s new blood in town, cuz we be buzzin now
Y’all sayin the same ol’ shit, constantly dumbin down

Can’t even rock a show without vocal track
Playin in the back, slap on a bangin beat, and that’s a wrap
You’re claimin hip-hop all but every thing I hear is trap
Highlightin your vocals instead of smashin em that’s a fact

Just gimmie a time and place
I’ll spit any rhyme with grace
Please gimmie a reason to make you look stupid I’ll do it no time to waste
You’re a nuisance, an itch I can’t scratch
So the moral of this verse? Yousa bitch and that’s that!

[Hook 3: Louis Strongarm, Above Average, B-Smooth]
Talk a big game but don't back it up, fool, yous a bitch
Try ta cuddle up before i bust a nut, girl, yous a bitch
I'm too drunk and you won't give me a ride, bitch, yous a bitch
You walk in the room and you're killin my vibe, ya, yous a bitch
Track Name: Your Man's a Bitch feat. Skeptik
[Louis Strongarm]

met her at the bus stop waitin on number nine
we were in line she in front n me behind
i asked what was up with the scrubs she was wearin
oh youre a nurse funny so is my girlfriend

fuckin bus is alwasy late im in a hurry
gotta date with my girl and id like to arrive early
back to the task at hand
to pass the time we sat n chatted bout our travel plans

she said shes headed to mexico for the summer
i said i netted some cheap vips for coachella
in fact i got three i could sell ya
she said ill buy two one for me n my fella

tommorow same time n spot
bring cheese if you wanna cop the we hopped off at the same stop
her man was there so i winked and said later
then i seen his insecurities turned to anger

hey bro why you winkin at my bitch
your bitch? here i thought she was an independant woman
i dont wanna hear it
watch your mouth mother fucker before i watch it for ya
she said its a surprise for you babe but he ignored her

slid her to the side puffin his chest n flexin
like we was finna fight misdirected aggression
didnt have the time to teach the kid a lesson
left him with his pride and head in my own direction

it seems like everytime i talk to a girl
her man flips out gets sent into a whilrwind
it seems like everytime i talk to a lady
her man goes crazy it doesnt cease to amaze me

it seems like everytime i talk to a female
her man get jealous checkin texts n email
it seems like everytime i talk to a chick
her man gets suspicious and acts like a bitch

so the next day came to pass
i brought the tickets with me just in case she brought the cash
played a game of eye spy till i sighted her
came up from behind again and stood along side of her

told her i brought the tickets if theyre still of interest
she said we were in business and begged for my forgiveness
for what id had to witness i said bitch please
got the dough here ya go then i hopped in a taxi
Track Name: Your Best Friend's a Bitch Too
i already know you're a ho bitch
you ask me how i know?
your best friend told me so
yall aint best friends no mo'

it was the first time you got a visit from your aunt flow
in history class learning 'bout president monroe
raised your hand scared asked "may i please go?"
your teacher gave you one look and said "fo sho!"

so you bounced down to the nurses office
went to the front desk approached kinda cautious
you used to think you were flawless
only 2 seats ya sat next to a girl lookin' nauseous

you asked "what you in fo'?" shy, she said "no'n'"
"bitch im in for my first period you can tell me su'n'."
she gave you a hug and said me too
we're blood bitches fo' life! whatcha gon doo!

you felt a way you never felt before
like you wouldnt be alone no more
youd be best friends for life for sure
bbfl only you two knew what it stood for


from then on you kicked it every day ditching school
7th grade gettin blunted listenin' to ja rule
pointin to eachother singin "what would i be without you"
you were thinkin alone cause noone else cared about you

so started the search for a man so you could feel loved
he was a junior in high school 4 grades above
didnt take long till he pressured you to fuck
she didnt try to stop you cause your best friend sucked

no clue what you were doing lost your virginity at thirteen
full of feelings you didnt understand and it was worsening
needed something else to fill the hole
cock wasnt doing it so you turned to blow

she was goin through all the same stuff as you
blood bitches for life you really felt it was true
stealing shit together you were thick as thieves
bloods thicker than water but it aint concrete


you didnt think about it but you were kids still growin
not ready to have kids of your own
he told you he was sterile from smokin weed
a lie noone was around to tell you not to believe

but you remembered from the nurses office that wasnt true
it just makes you feel less guilt toward the person you lie to
you said wear a rubber he said then forget it
he said it wasnt worth going to the store to get it

soon your friend gained weight n had morning sickness
you poked at her belly and said whats with this
youre gonna have a kid she gets mad
she said if im pregnant then your boyfriends the kids dad

your jaw dropped to the floor you couldnt believe it
turned out the whole time they were cheatin
all you hear about her now is that she talks shit
you were too naive to realize your best friends a bitch
Track Name: Life's a Bitch
lifes a bitch i knew it the very second i was born
i reckon cause i was torn from the wombs warmth
by cold hands to a cold world a cold hospital full of
cold girls dressed in all white i cried

mom did too dad sighed
he always said it was relief i was alive
a zebra striped white lie the second in a series
the first a month before when he said he cant even hear me

but i had heard it loud and clearly
terrified of fate that's why i'd arrived late eyes teary
in due course it would subside filled cheeks turned cheery
moms teat was good eats and kept these feet turning

burning rubber as soon as i could walk id be a runner
but couldnt fend for myself yet what a fucking bummer
i was stuck in a sorta ghetto suburb
heard mother cussed out by father drunk some summers

theyd pretend to be friends but always ended up butt hurt
too young to understand why they fussed with eachother
a bad reaction all due to the way hed punk her
i had asthma attacks albuterol made the lungs work

puff puff no pass me and my sisters set asunder
by the fact i refused to emulate a mother fucker
built up hate would say it to his face when i could muster
for now laid in wait this my one and only blunder..

shoved to the side each time a little number
till i was craving chaos where there used to be discomfort
video games until my thumbs hurt and moshing
til the meaning of bleeding like a stuck pig was discovered

shouldnt know what metastasized means
at the ripe young age of 16 i was a late bloomer
i lost my pops while goin through puberty
left me broken resultin in too much tom foolery

what a tease life and death you two been cruel to me
listening to his eulogies i cried only cause truthfully
they said that he was usually beautiful as is humanly
possible for a dude to be all of this shit was new to me

different from what i knew to be accustomed to his truancy
verbal abuse fluenty spoken to us presumably
cause he was treated brutally wish i could have related as a man
but alas was never granted that opportunity

he would probably agree he if he were still alive
with the threepenny orchestra circa 1925
lifes a bitch and then you die
Track Name: Keep Your Bitch on a Leash
im the mother fucking mac goddamn daddy
convince your bitch to catch in a pitch black alley
hit it from the back most cats cant stand me
wont find me on the map even ask rand mcnally

been up n down the block around the neighborhood twice
sex a new bitch like every other night
names spike but they outta call me mister bitch killer
or mister pissed in my yard refused command for him to sit still

got litters of kids prefer my dick with no condom on him
sodomy proper naughty like kleet laces for soccer moms
blowin loads like sawed off shottys and tommy guns
or nerdy thirty somethings mobbin as hobbits at comicon

or doin 130 with a perky hot model blonde
german boppin while your swervin dirty down the autobahn

these bitches flock to me like fleas to a mangy mutt
if in heat baby next time you see me say whats up
pick your favorite tree to hide behind i know a shady one
if any pup peaks just explain that we were playing rough

im preyin on your lady bruh and nah i aint afraid of ya
im gaming rain or shine like theres a roof on the stadium
on the streets im stayin up they see me say no caging him
im not chris tucker in friday high on angel dust

love sucks thats the fuckin motto
and dumb fucks think that if the bitch drinks then she fuckin swallows
but im here to tell you differently
and if you listen to me then you can tell i fail to hit em hollow

always leavin bitches with a reason to come back to me
we nice guys finish last but bitches still cum after me
im scoring more than pele did in his heyday
forever headed toward the back door so they say
hes a tramp

some think 6 6 6 is the mark of the beast
but theyre wrong see its really just piss on a tree
you wish the kid was satisfied with kibbles n bits please
your bitches the main dish and this dogs gotta eat

and like a sparkling ferrari thats parked in the street
ill be gone in 60 seconds and get it for free
so keep her close better yet dont let her out
cause if these bitches could speak they would surely shout
Track Name: Mom's Always Bitchin' feat. B-Smooth
[Louis Strongarm]

grew up down the street dancin to a different beat
no rules she never told me do your homework see
my mom never had the courage to be wordy with me
if she had she woulda told me nerdy birdies catch the wormies

especially when hes early to risin
instead she left me to my own devices
more than a few times it crossed my mind ta
cut ties and live life the wisest

i could muster i craved structure
i wanted to errupt i was thinkin fuck her
cussed out your mother how you gonna trust another
smothered bliss with disgust huddled pissed under covers

i was just ten when my pops popped out
i had turned twelve when my mom copped out
i was 16 when i dropped out
hope my kids wont know what this songs all about

i look back with the eyes of a grown man
realize shes on her own doin what she can
workin 40 plus cookin red rice in the pan
while dads off sad playin blues with the band

now n then i see him in dreams where the dead lie
scowlin hes sayin mom slipped when i said bye
when i was sick she slept bed side
fresh cold wash cloths kept my head right
Track Name: Attention Seeking Bitches feat. Above Average
[Above Average]

[Louis Strongarm]

she does her best impression of lindsay lohan
finds her main bitch n holds hands
locks eyes then locks lips
not gay but a long kiss will make the guys jaws drop n tongues drip

in my opinion noone wants to hear her voice hers
but shes seems to enter every room voice first
if i hadda choice where we shared space i would choose a joint hearse
and still need ta smoke a chewy joint first

just so i could get higher than vaders favorite son
n wait and hour for a coroner to put her make up on
im straight as they come but im thinkin of switchin annoying bitch is cloudin my vision
attention they mission the reigning addiction its takin theyre daughters and makin em victims

hour and a half to get ready every waking dawn
to be preyed upon later on
by players spittin game prayin ladies play along
her daily role as a babys moms traded off for a go at whats already gone

attention seeking bitch dont come around me
attention seeking bitch dont call me honey
i dont give a shit if your drunk n horney
i dont wanna hear it

ironically we grew up in the same house
anatomically we different as the way it plays out
dad never around i learned to ignore bitches
you learned to love unavailable men the cycle is vicious

its frightful to witness but it comes natural like survival to fittest
the bibles fictitious as scientists believe what we witness
what i see is an eye full of a guy pullin digits
and me undable sleep if i dont forgive em

suspicious kisses in contradiction to cure
conjure visions of his lips to ensure her lack of purity
demure demeanor obscured to insecurity
whats worse is when men become her current currency

think it hyperbole until she calls you on the phone
singing a sob story saying she shouldve known
watch the company you keep because you reap what you have sown
and you cant take it back after you see what youve have grown