DIY Santa Rosa, California

DIY is a hip-hop group from Santa Rosa, California. Louis Strongarm, Above Average, and Be Smooth combined forces to write, produce, and promote with each other, creating DIY. Yes, they do in fact do it themselves.

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Track Name: Millionaires (ft. DIY) {prod. POS Productions}
Verse 1:
Gettin sick of bein the rappers you don’t take seriously.
That’s why on most of these tracks I’m rappin furiously.
It seems you're curious on what it means to be a MC.
Deliriously followin’ this shitty pyramid scheme.

(of what) Of music. Artists start to abuse it.
Start with quality shit and then it dwindles down to useless.
Bein’ awarded with praise completely fruitless.
When you’re sellin out to labels gotcha lookin like a doofus.
Ooo Shit (ooh shit)

ooh shit he just called you stupid
maybe you could write a diss? maybe theyll produce it?
of course youll need your managers permission to do it
not us were on mission to start a new movement

youre scratched records not overly played stick to your minimum wage
are you as dumb as they say heard one song n got off your page
copy us well chop your legs wont stop a lot to cop a break
real deal not a fake so other fuckers gotta hate

We’re not ready please, speak for yourself, cuz you can’t handle
Direct criticism I’ll shake it off while you settle
Difference between us and you is we on a higher level
you’ve rappin since the eighties and still havent got the memo

Hell no, these fools are stuck to it like it's velcro,
Rockin' track suits gold chains, Adidas shelltoes.

While you swellin your chest up your bitch ass can kick pebbles.

Listen carefully past the bass and the treble,
I'm goin harder than a sledge hammer, heavy metal.

angels devils lead from the ghetto

to a diy new sound ripped from the rubble
workin on a payoff from this independent hustle
needa make a milli really just ta justify the struggle yaaa

consider this art officially done
unaturally man made for the love unh
in the end they will be raisin my glove
for now we gettin laced up patiently awaitin all the greatness to come
the day that we bust
Track Name: G.R.I.N.D. (ft. Above Average and Strongarm) {prod. 1500 or Nothin}
Verse 1-
I never officially graduated 8th grade.
I know it’s sad and pathetic but hey things change.
Never plannin on keepin that song on replay
Because I’ve gotten responsible over these days.

had to give myself a little bit Leeway
Still I never gave into peer pressure to be safe.
Never opened up a beer to get smear faced.
Here let me tell you a little more about PJ.

I ain’t just another snot nosed white kid.
I ain’t never been in a fight in my life yet.
Never have I been known to get violent.
Never did I ever wanna be a fighter pilot.

Never smoked weed, never od’d
Never eaten a pizza that was whole wheat.
Never properly was I taught how to sweep.
I was never trained how to make a rockin beat.

Not once have I thought of jumpin off a plane
Bungee jumpin all the same. Rather play a different game.
Never drivin sixty in a stick shift switchin lanes.
Never called a girl a truly undeserving name.

Never broken a bone, or hurt vertebra.
Never ran from home, or had major surgery.
Never gonna givin up on this music thing
At least not until the whole world has heard of me.

2nd verse:
i never been known to read the bible
never went to church never thought i ever might go
although i also never shot up
the streets with a rifle never went psycho

didnt graduate from highschool
never cared to ask anyone hey am i cool
never slam dunked like michael
but never hit a baseball worse than he wouldve liked to

i never done drugs
never cracked when push came to shove
never fought back when slapped with a glove
never turned a blind eye to love

ill never be too tight to get on a song
ill never be right if bein strong is wrong
its never too loud plug it in turn on
crank it up for the crowd then sing along like

i know this aint too hard but i know that this is right
id never hit somebody out of anger in my life

i never shot for the stars but if youll let me go all night
i wont stop this music shit till the day that i die

There’s a lot of things I haven’t done in this lifetime.
Like signed to a label or danced under the night sky.
I know one day we’ll famous before I die,
I try but until then, I’ll be on my GRIND.
Track Name: Clint Eastwood (ft. DIY and Paulymac) {prod. Dan The Automator}
Verse 1-
complacent he plays with himself
wastin away all his health dazed he says to himself
the paper chase can wait i got no place for the wealth
placed at his waste a bill he pays to play for the thrill

of the kill it seals the deal while the taste of a pill
still fresh on his tongue that he pops for his ills
drills into his mind that what hes chased it is real
they cant see from the outside hes encased in a shell

made of guilt he cant shake off its silly to play soft
when really hes way tough cant deal so he takes off
his feelings they stray lost like his thoughts have been tossed
so they thought at a cost half gone his eyes stay glossed

but in his quaint loft by the bay crops sustain
his so oft sought after life he inhabits
silly rabbit games are for kids but hes gotta have it
habit formed at a dark time in a dark place run rampant

Verse 2-
He’s got this addiction he’s wishin he could kick it,
But nah, he won’t he’s too busy sniffin, bitchin and pissin.
Away his life. Astrayin from right. Hes sayin tonight
I swear I’m gonna quit but then he delays the flight.
He’s knows its hurtin him inside and out.
His mind’s been doused with his lies and doubts.
And on the surface his skins fried like grout
And in time he’ll shout like this rhyme he’s out.

Out of his money, out of a job, out of a home.
He lost his honey now he sobs cuz he’s alone.
He might as well just be a dog without a bone.
Known for close to nothin, puffin and and gettin stoned.
Yeah, but that’s how it usually goes
when you travel down the road of addiction to blow.
You start off with that medicinal dro
So I whisper to those “Dont give in to it bro.”

Verse 3-
red blue and green mega pixels on the screen
flicker in your face when you're awake and when you dream
addicted to the glow its so much moe than a routine
checkin out your status just to see whats to be seen

your sittin left clickin or quittin the boss trippin
or textin to waste time on face time slippin
we trapped in aushuwitz so how do we get outta this
controlled by the remote control and mouse clicks

we're zombies in a way realize were being played
as we spend our lives inside deprived of the day
the people seem to not care they stare still unaware
they're livin in the matrix neo plugged in the chair

the devil plays with idel hands a vision of no grands
but we don't stand a chance on a mission with no plans
so stand up and stretch take a hike somewhere its rugged
and next time your struggin just do you and unplug it