Tom Waits for No Man

by Louis Strongarm

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Collection of songs using samples from Tom Waits songs....


released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


DIY Santa Rosa, California

DIY is a hip-hop group from Santa Rosa, California. Louis Strongarm, Above Average, and Be Smooth combined forces to write, produce, and promote with each other, creating DIY. Yes, they do in fact do it themselves.

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Track Name: One Man One Hour
one man against a million
odds stacked up but, but lets suppose the mans a villain
and the rest of the field, the rest the field is righteous
might just bite us in the ass if hes king midas

what if everything he touches turns to gold
but everything he doesnt just rots and gets older
what if power begets colder
and we're left with nothing to cry on but a cryogenic shoulder

salty tears turned into crystals.
stolen from sierra leone's kono district
conflict mineral deposits on the river banks
sold and deposited in war lord piggy banks

a little sliver kicked back to those who feel the whip crack
a sure fire way to make a killing
complain n get hit with that click clack quick fast
thats how one man can check mate a million

"for as long as one hour for one man is all it takes
to destroy what takes ten men ten hours to create
there will never be peace on earth."

million dollar thoughts only cents in my pocket
trevi full of pennies tossed in out of nonsense
hopell bleed you dry and leave you leaking like a faucet
a wish to a ceo is not more than gossip

bosses talk profits losses off topic
stock gains no restraints and no stops its
a lame life wasted chasing slow off it
stop n smell roses every so often

lose focus toast to those options
chosen by those who boast the most top hits
top hats and suspenders
instead of suspended kids they can hardly remember

bright white light shine might blind most but
folks eyes closed so no sight goes unspoken
first world mouths wide open
feed me seymour n see less of whats stolen

"there will never be peace on earth."

there will always be queers and the haters and wierdos
damsels in distress heroes and zeros
freaks and the geeks and winners and losers
beggars and choosers contusions and bruises

the wiley the useless the cunning the ruthless
all of em human and all of em stupid
all of em weak and i think the truth is
i am one too

the buddha says life is pain i believe him
i search the end of every day for anything relieving
shut eye would be nice if i could achieve it
but i pretend im asleep spend most nights dreamless

like superman nappin in a fortress made of kryptonite
while norman bates next door equipped with a kitchen knife
because the worlds full of suffering and nothing
comforts me at night when worries come flooding in doubly

natives then slaves now the 3rd world lower class
we built on the backs of so much pain and suffering
every day toys taken for granted
maybe its not sympathy but guilt that troubles me

cold hard fact im part of the problems
and ill probably never be able to solvee em but my
involvement will never be forgotten only
forgiven as i believe all men are rotten