Lost Road - Single

by Above Average

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A FREE single off Above Average's up coming Lost Road EP. Music video @ youtu.be/oX41q97jcpA


Lost Road:

If you don’t know where you are going
Then any road can take you there.

Verse 1:
Above Average rhymes are haphazardly disastrous
and when I am touchin the microphone it is miraculous,
in actuality I’m really that talented,
The best writing skills in the game have been inhabited.

When I was a kid, I never knew how to fit it,
but then I found this rap thing to voice my opinions.
From the beginnin, I knew I was different,
You see that cliche rap ain’t my intentions.

Not to mention the drugs and alcohol,
Never thought I’d be straight edge, but I guess I am after all,
Destined to fall, flat on my face or straight into a wall,
But nah I rose above it all for a greater cause.

Expectin nothin less, than a great applause.
When I step in a room, rappers get out my way because.
They got respect for a killer on the microphone,
Do it every night, never fade away, styrofoam.

(Hook x2)

Verse 2:
I was caught on a lost road.
I thought I lost hope.
But that’s the cost of a cause that is odd, bro.
And so I pause on my iPod noddin off,
Dreamin and schemin of how I’ll never stop growth.

Well, that and nachos. My body’s pilot auto.
Hope I’ll win the lotto, so I can chill in a grotto.
And only work on this music I’ll do it fluid legato
Stayin happy’s the motto, but lately I’m feelin hollow.

That was before I heard this dope ass track,
The music is my crack, abuse it like my school backpack.
I’m cool that’s that. Don’t fool yourself with tools that’s wack.
Choose class, no snap backs, just smooth ass slaps.


Verse 3:
Ain’t a single clue about where I’m goin
My mouth is a spout when I’m flowin.
So I follow unknowingly
Holding onto what’s gonna be
rumbles kinda like thunder be
Fun is undone in front of me.
Under bundles of donalds beats.

My flow mystique, makin people move they feet.
Got the soul of James Brown with the heart of a geek.
So to speak, I’m a nerd when it comes to rhymin words,
So fools like 2Chainz make me wanna go berzerk.

Their simplicity got me pissed
it’s a mystery how their hits
makin history so I diss
with no empathy Got the pen
of a mental retard they got downs,
Hard? more like clowns.
I’m scared by they sounds.

So I choose the big the bigger man,
Make sure my songs of full of vigor and sicker until the bitter end.
Then slap it on twitter and hope I get some fans,
Goin viral like chip the rips alligator jam.

It’s who I am,
A blueprint of what I planned,
It’s lucid, across the land.
The music of who is grand.
That’s ME!



released May 16, 2013
Produced and mastered by Era. Featured artists are Era and Kristen Best.



all rights reserved


DIY Santa Rosa, California

DIY is a hip-hop group from Santa Rosa, California. Louis Strongarm, Above Average, and Be Smooth combined forces to write, produce, and promote with each other, creating DIY. Yes, they do in fact do it themselves.

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